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12 Times The Royal Kids Were Caught Breaking Rules

Upload : 8 Mei 2019
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The Kids In The Royal Family Are Sometimes Up To No Good.
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Being a member of the royal family means a lot of things. The pressure to be ethical leaders and role models can be a lot to handle, but imagine being a young child with those same pressures. Technically, the royal kids aren’t doing any legislation, but they definitely have a lot of rules to adhere to. The children of the royals are generally more well behaved than the average child, but kids are kids, right? These children are no different when it comes to goofing around and feeling playful when you’re supposed to be serious. Little George, Charlotte, Savannah, and all the other royal children are just like normal kids. Being silly at a public event, running when they’re supposed to walk, and possibly ruining photo ops- these are standard rule-breaking moments with the royal kids. Watch this video until the end to see 12 times the royal kids were caught breaking rules. The last one may surprise you!


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