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Gunda The Terrorist (2015) l Full Length Bengali Movie (Official) l Bappy l Achol l Tiger Media

Upload : 2 Mar 2016
Channel  : Tiger Media
Duration : 2.31.34
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Gunda The Terrorist (2015) l Full Length Bengali Movie (Official) l Bappy l Achol l Tiger Media

The movie story revolves around Agun (Bappy) who returns from memory loss to take his revenge on Mental Manik (Misha Sawdagar) for murdering his love Shikha (Amrita) and comes to know that his face has been exchanged with someone else in order to survive facial burn injuries. Just as he gets his revenge with the help of Trishna (Achol).

Movie: Gunda The Terrorist
Starring: Bappy, Achol, Tanvir, Amrita Khan, Don Elias Kobra, Gangua, Zadu Azad, Afzal Sarif, Rebeka & Misha Sawdagar
Singers: S I Tutul, Mimi, Munni, Sajal, Saralipi, Roma
Lyrics: Kabir Bakul
Music: Ali Akram Shubho
Action: D H Chunnu
Story: Abdullah Zahir Babu
Dialogue: Chotku Ahmed
Cinematography: Asaduzzaman Maznu
Editing: Touhid Hossain Chowdhury
Screenplay & Direction: Ispahani Arif Zahan
Producer: Jahangir Alam
Presenter: Diganta Chalachitra
Music Label: Tiger Media
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Print Media Partner: Weekly Dhallywood Magazine

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