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The most awkward Grammys Awards moments EVER | Cosmopolitan UK

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For some reason, the Grammys always seem to bring out the awkward in so many celebrities. Check out these painful moments from years gone by. #grammys #grammy2019

Adele in 2017
Adele somehow managed to break her Best Album award approximately six seconds after receiving it.

Taylor Swift in 2014
Remember when Taylor (and everyone around her) thought she'd won the Best Award with Red but she most definitely had not? Bummer.

Pharrell and Taylor Swift in 2015
Things weren't much better the following year as far as Taylor's dancing goes. Nice side-eye, Pharrell.

Justin and Jaxon Bieber in 2016
Apparently it's quite hard to get a kid to smile for photographers if they reallllllllllllly don't want to.

Ariana Grande in 2016
Ariana made a painfully unfunny joke while introducing The Weeknd at the 2016 Grammys. So to fill the silence she did an awkward impression of The Weeknd. Toe-curling stuff.

Tori Kelly in 2016
Wondering what's making singer Tori's face do this? Why it was Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, that's what.

Selena Gomez in 2016
While being interviewed, the suggestion that Selena should storm the stage like Kanye West was made, to which Selena, aka Taylor Swift's BFF, grimaced.

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