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Alumni Stories: Riley Green

Upload : 10 Okt 2018
Channel  : Jacksonville State University
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Riley Green, a native from Jacksonville, Alabama, is the embodiment of a small town success story. Riley began "performing" through football and other athletics, even having the opportunity to play as quarterback for Jacksonville State. His on stage confidence, enabled him to win the hearts of many with his passion of music. The country music star's journey is only beginning and our Gamecock family is excited to support his future successes and endeavors.


We are proud to present our Jacksonville State University "Alumni Stories" video series. These diverse group of alumni have created their own legacy throughout our Gamecock family. We hope you enjoy as each of them share their memories and experiences with you.


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Coordinating Producer
Sydney Jones

Sebastian Mendez
Matt Reynolds

Austin Tillison

Closed Captions
Elsie Ritchie

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Bird Creek
The 126ers

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Tim Garner


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