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Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour Strict Rules

Upload : 29 Mar 2019
Channel  : TheTalko
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Strict Rules Ariana Grande Is Enforcing On Sweetener Tour
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It’s been a long time since Ariana Grande was out on tour and fans can’t wait to see her back on stage for her Sweetener Tour. But it seems like Ariana Grande has been coming up with all new rules for fans to follow and some of them aren’t happy about it. She’s requested everyone bring their items in clear bags, which she claims will improve security, but some believe it’s just to earn some extra money. The singer also imposed some intense restrictions on photographers, which has outraged a number of news outlets.

Do you think Ariana Grande's Sweetener Tour rules are a little too restrictive or do they make perfect sense considering what the singer experienced during her Dangerous Woman Tour? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko.

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