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শায়লার হট Movie I Ghat Sanghat,ঘাত সংঘাত I ‍Shakil Khan,Erin,Amit,Prince, Miju I Rosemary

Upload : 10 Feb 2019
Channel  : Rosemary Official
Duration : 1.58.20
92.677   297   77

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BAngla Movie: Ghat Sanghat,ঘাত সংঘাত

Star Cast: Shakil Khan,Shaiyla,Erin Zaman ,Amit Hasan ,Prince, Miju Ahamed, Rafiqujjaman Salim,Khaleda Akter Kolpona,Tamanna,Pinkey,Amir Shiraji & Many More...
Music : Ali Akram Shuvo & Kislu
Produced By : Akash Cholochitra
Distibution By Merina Movies
Daiyalog : Chotku Ahamed
Scrift, Screenplay & Direction By: Motaleb Hossain
Label: Rosemary

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Premer Schedule I প্রেমের সিডিউল

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শায়লার হট মুভি- #Hotao_Durniti_Raival,

Hatiyar I হাতিয়ার I Manna.

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