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Top 20 Netflix Movies | Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

Upload : 17 Mei 2019
Channel  : Flick Connection
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Top 20 Netflix Movies --

Kon Tiki
The Fifth Element
The Wandering Earth
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Hateful Eight Extended
The Rover
The Fighter
Get Low
In Order of Disappearance
Fear and Loathing
The Founder
The Dark Crystal
Incredibles 2
Gosford Park


Netflix Horror Movies:

Netflix Heist Movies:

Netflix Double Features:

New to Netflix May 2019:

These are among the best movies on Netflix right now. The only good movies to watch on Netflix missing fro this list of Netflix movie reviews are ones I recently covered in my Netflix movie lists videos (links above). Hopefully this top 20 movies on Netflix list has a little something for everyone and you're able to find several good movies to watch on Netflix in less time than you normally spend searching for good Netflix movies.
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