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Pagla Deewana (2015) l Full Length Bengali Movie (Official) l Pori Moni l Shahriaz l Tiger Media

Upload : 14 Jan 2016
Channel  : Tiger Media
Duration : 2.30.19
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Pagla Deewana (2015) l Full Length Bengali Movie (Official) l Pori Moni l Shahriaz l Tiger Media

The movie story deals with Tamim (Shahriaz) and Laila (Porimoni), they are inseparable childhood friends. But when Tamim crashes Porimoni's sandcastle by mistake, Laila gets angry and asks Tamim not to meet her for 12 years. She does, however, promise to marry him at the end of the lengthy hiatus, leaving Tamim but a glimmer of hope. After half-heartedly agreeing to her harsh terms, the forlorn Tamim leaves home.
He spends those dozen years in Chittagong presumably like a 'goonda', as he is shown beating up people.
When Tamim returns after 12 years, he foolishly beats up cops and lands in jail. In jail, he encounters the brothers of Captain (Misha Sawdagar), who give him BDT 1,00,00,000 to finish off Sher Khan (Rubel). But when Tamim tries to kill Sher Khan, he is injured. Sher Khan lets him stay at his house and uses him as his henchman. Only then does he learn that his long lost love, Laila, is Sher Khan's sister. In course of events Captain learns that Tamim is part of Sher Khan's gang, then his brother shoots Laila and kidnaps her cousin Shathi (Amrita Khan), and says to switch her for Sher Khan. Tamim thrashehs the goons and kill all. Laila gets saved and reunites with Tamim.

Movie: Pagla Deewana
Starring: Shahriaz, Porimoni, Amrita Khan, Rubel, Misha Shawdagar, Sobuz Khan, Rebeka, Aliraz
Music: Ahmmed Humayun
Lyrics: Sudip Kumar Dip & Kabir Bakul
Prodction: Putul Kathachitra
Producer: Md Mizanur Rahman
Movie Director: Wazed Ali Sumon
Music Label: Tiger Media
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Print Media Partner: Weekly Dhallywood Magazine

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