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TOP 10 Best psychological Thriller Movies In Hollywood | In Hindi

Upload : 14 Mei 2019
Channel  : Movies Fan India
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I hope you guys are fan of hollywood movies Because in our channel we breaking down some of the all time great psychological movies of hollywood , what does psychological Thriller movies do exactly.
How many new and different ideas can this genre explore . So we are try to answer that with a top 10 featuring everything from psychological thriller to psychological mystery .
so some of the great movies like Shutter Island which is directed by Martin Scorsese and perform by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo . so this movie belongs to number one in our list . Then comes second one memento which is directed by Christopher Nolan and perform by Guy Pearce . Then comes third one Secret Window which is directed by David Koepp and perform by Johnny Depp. so they are the best psychological Thriller movies which belongs to top 3 position . And Rest of movies are 1408, American Psycho, Enemy, TEXI DRIVER, THE MACHINIST, BLACK SWAN, funny games . so they are top 10 movies which include in this psychological Thriller movie list . so this is a movie lists which include great actor like Christian Bale,Heath Ledger,John Cusack , Samuel L. Jackson .
so they are the top 10 psychological Thriller movies of all time .

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